Why Korkut Ata?
Meaning of Korkut Ata Name:
Kor (ember): state of being burning; glowing fragment (e.g. coal) from a fire especially. Something that is well-tempered by fire;
Kut: ability to govern. The superior power obtained in terms of creativity and authority. The symbol of divine mercy and abundance;
Korkut: Grand, fearless, gentle, majestic, talented, good, beautiful, good-natured, deemed to be extraordinary.
Ata (Ancestor; Father): Is mentioned as the Oghuz Khagan (Ancestor of Turks) in Divânü Lügati’t-Türk. An ancestor; father. An honorific for saints and dervishes.
  • His wisdom, legends, and tales about him were brought from past to today through a cinematic language;
  • He is accepted as the father of Turkish cinematic narration;
  • His narratives, tales, and stories have either been a source of inspiration or a movie plot both in Turkic and world cinematography.
Korkut Ata heritage forms the basis for strengthening and sustainability of human values in future by providing the perception of goodness in today’s life through ideas, narratives, stories, and teachings handed down from past to present, from generation to generation.
  • This is why the name of the Turkic World Film Festival is ‘’Korkut Ata’’….


For centuries in Turkic lands
The tales have been told of Korkut Ata’s glory
Among generations of Oghuz Turks, in Turkic tradition
The dignity of Korkut Ata is recognized.
His attributes remain the same
He still breathes, his presence feels in the air.
He provided names and showed the way,
Korkut Ata is a legend.
Of those who do not look in the mirror of history,
Of those who do not honor the memory of ancestors,
Of those who do not know their own nature
Korkut Ata has a complaint
He spoke at each assembly,
He resolved the dilemmas.
He healed those who were sick and afflicted,
Korkut Ata had great ingenuity.
Those who remember Korkut gain resilience,
They care about history and past.
In Alparslan and Ataturk
The true dignity of Korkut Ata can be found.
Korkut Ata was like an unbending arrow,
His every word was carved.
He was a doctor, he was a wise man, he was a bey.
Korkut Ata was an exemplary person
Nurettin Türkan (Kul Nuri)